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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Favourite Nude Lip colours (swatches and reviews)

G'day people!

I'm totally loving the cold, rainy days. In Islam, rain is a sign of blessings and love from God. And even if you don't believe in God and blessings and Islam, I mean, come on. It was SWELTERING HOT and HUMID the week before this, raining is just natural for the skies to cool down the Earth a lil bit eh. And it's also true that I'm loving the cold more because I'm unemployed and bumming around the house, but hey. C'est la vie :)

Anywho, today I will be bringing some swatches and reviews of some of my favourite lipsticks, which happen to be nudes and pinky-nudes, which also happen to be some of my most-used lipsticks.

When I first wore makeup about 4 years ago, I gravitated towards lipsticks in nudes and pinky-nudes as they were 'safer'. At that time, lipsticks were not an 'in' thing for teenagers. I was still a teen then. 18. HAHAHA So long ago. I liked lipstick better than lipgloss but didn't want to look old or like I was trying too hard, so I went for nudes. Naturally, they are what I feel most comfortable wearing and they are what I get the most wear from.

Let's get on to the lip products. En garde!

L-R: Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick in 04 Pastel Posy, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in 070 Soft Nude, Revlon Matte Lipstick in 003 Mauve It Over

Here I am showing off how little of each lipstick I have left. Well, it's still quite a lot left, I know, but hey. I am barely able to 'shorten' the bullet on my other lipsticks, so this is good schtuff ;)

When photographed with flash. Here the colours show up truer to life. You can see how Stage Pastel Posy is more on the pink side, Revlon Soft Nude is very peachy nude, Revlon Mauve it Over is pinky-browny-nude and also sort of see the goldy undertones to Rimmel's Airy Fairy.

Without flash on a cold rainy wet and dark afternoon.

With flash on a cold rainy wet and dark afternoon. Here you are able to see the finishes of these lipsticks alot better.

Rimmel Airy Fairy and Revlon Soft Nude come off looking creamier than the matte finishes of Revlon Mauve It Over and Stage Pastel Posy obviously. Although, Pastel Posy looks decidedly very matte when compared to Mauve It Over. Makes sense because Mauve It Over does feel creamier on the lips when compared to Pastel Posy even if it still gives a matte look.

I love using Stage Pastel Posy when I wear pink glosses. I know that it kinda defeats the purpose to wear a gloss over matte lipsticks, but I find that it also defeats the purpose when you wear gloss over a creamy lipstick. Get my drift? Usually, I want the colour of my pink gloss, like the Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Pink Pop, to stand out. Using Pastel Posy underneath helps bring out the colour AND helps it stay on longer. Using gloss over a creamy lipstick tends to slide off, so this works for me.

Rimmel Airy Fairy has been another staple nude for me ever since Maybelline stopped carrying their moisture whatever lipsticks in the red tubes. I was using that lipstick in Naturally Nude (ahh I still remember the good old days) and was devastated when it melted and I tried unsuccessfully to depot it. I used to not like the strong cough medicine smell of this lipstick, but it grew on me. As it grew on me and I was using it EVERY DAY, I got scared that I'll run out of this one too so I stopped using it. Only rediscovered it recently and loving it again :)

I have a review of Revlon Soft Nude here. I think I mentioned in that post that I like using this both on its own and as a base colour for other lipsticks. This lipstick is not too stark for my skintone so I can wear it alone. It is also great as a 'concealer'-like lipstick base that helps the true colour of other lipsticks stand out more. 

Revlon Mauve it Over is just the PERFECT my-lips-but-better colour (as much as I detest that term) and I love pairing it with Chanel's Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in 55 Confidence (which I think might be a LE colour, but I didn't know that the time I got it) (featured here and here). Just the perfect lip combi to look polished, put together, everyday, fail-safe, no-brainer. 

Rimmel Airy Fairy and Stage Pastel Posy are not available in Singapore.

The next two are non-lipstick lip products. First is MAC's kissable lipcolour in Super and NYX pencil liner in 860 Peekaboo Neutral.

In case you don't believe me when I tell you what colour it is.

The colour of Peekaboo Neutral in the pencil.

Without flash. 

With flash.

NYX Peekaboo Neutral is hands-down my favouritest, most used and most-well-loved lip pencil in the whole world wide web ever. In the swatches, it looks more pink than nude but on my pigmented lips I find the colour 'neutralises' the natural colour of my lips and, like the Revlon Soft Nude, helps the colour of other lipsticks I layer over it to stand out more. The lip pencil is also not drying and definitely pigmented, so no tugging and pulling when applying. SUCH A DREAMBOAT.

When I got the MAC kissable lipcolour in Super, it was pretty much THE ONLY THING I wore on my lips for the month. I love the pinky-browny colour, the consistency and how it feels on the lips. The only thing it lacks is prolly in the staying power department. Never mind though, cos application on-the-go is not a problem because it's so easy to throw on. You can also pop this into your pencil case (IF YOU STILL CARRY ONE!) and it fits in just fine with Mr and Miss Pens and Pencils ;)

SO THOSE ARE ALL MY MOST-USED AND FAVOURITE NUDE LIP COLOURS. What are yours and do you think I should check out anything?

Thanks for reading!

xo, Karimah